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December 2020 - Read article

"The lightest light – the future of digital displays and brain science"

June 2020 - Read article

"Feel the beat: implanted microlasers scan heart from inside"

March 2020 - Read article

"Researchers make first direct measurement of the physical force of invading cancer cells"

May 2019 - Read article (German)

"Spitzenforschende kommen zurück nach Deutschland"



June 2018 - Read article

"Force Imaging Technique Revolutionizes Understanding of Kidney Disease"

May 2018 - Read article

"New Contact Lens Could Let You Shoot Lasers From Your Eyes"

June 2017 - Read article

"How the optics of soap bubbles may help us understand the mechanics of immune cells and cancer"

July 2015 - Read article

“Scientists arm cells with tiny lasers”

December 2011 - Read article

Nature’s »The Year in Science« 2011, Top 10 News - Readers’ Choice: “Human cell becomes living laser"

June 2011 - Read article

"Scientists Create Laser With Mirrors and a Cell"